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Marhuender, the young goblin, has been promoted from Torture Room Cleaner to Boiler Room Slave.

The interview with the new boss is kind of awkward.
Goblin: Hi! My name is...
Boss: Not interested… you feed boilers, or you die.
Goblin: What happened to the other boiler dude? Was he promoted too?
Boss: No, he didn’t feed boilers. He feeding boiler lot better now. From INSIDE.
Goblin: Oh, hehehe, nice… and the boilers are for…?
Boss: No questions. You feed boilers, or you die.
Goblin: Ok pal.
Boss: No pal. You feed boilers, or you die.

Boilers are running out of power and you are the one in charge to feed them with coal.If you are run out of coal, you have to activate the lever to receive more coal. Activate it several of times to receive an extra load. If 2 or more boilers are off, your boss will not be happy at all...

Install instructions

You can play it in the browser. Downloadable Windows version coming soon...


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